Online Payment

Customer services centre - 0800 479 7979


What bills can I pay online?
You can pay:
  • a. your rent and service charges
  • b. your lock-up rent
  • c. any invoice that you have received from GHA
  • d. Former tenant arrears
You can pay your Council Tax by following the link to Glasgow City Council's payment site on the homepage of our website.
Understanding Your Current Balance:
If your current balance is prefixed by a minus sign, your account is in credit by this amount.
Credits of less than 4 weeks rent are unlikely to be refunded unless there are special circumstances.

This is your balance as of 5pm yesterday.
Payments made over the weekend will not show on your account until the next working day.
Your balance will not include any charges raised today or any Housing Benefit entitlement where applicable.
How do I make an online payment?
To use this service, simply choose which payment you want to make and enter your Payment reference number, give us some contact details and then enter your card details via a secure website.
Do I need to have a computer?
You can use any computer with an internet connection to pay your bills. If you don't have one at home, you can use an Internet café or your local library.
Will I have to create an account/log in? / Will the site remember me next time I visit to make another payment?
You don't need to create an account or log in so there's no password to remember.

Each visit to the site will be entirely separate so you will have to enter your details each time.
Will you record my details when I make a payment / will this service be secure?
The secure website where you will enter your card details is a well-known, reputable external card verifier. Only the card verifier has access to your full card details. We'll record the contact information that you supply, the type of payment you're making and the amount you pay. We'll also record whether your payment was successful or not. We will not record credit/debit card details on our systems.
Why do I have to provide my contact details?
We'll only use your contact details if we have to contact you regarding your payment.
What hours will this service be available?
As this is an internet service, you will be able to pay your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Will I get a receipt for my payment?
We'll send an email receipt to the email address you give when you make a payment. A printable receipt will be displayed on your screen once you complete your payment.
Will I be able to manage/view my account through this service?
No, but it will show the outstanding balance on the account you wish to pay.
How much do I pay?
YYou should pay the amount shown on your bill. Payments must be between £5 and £10,000.
Where can I find my reference number?
The payment reference number is your account number, which you'll find on your bill.
Why do you need my reference number?
We need your reference number so that we can ensure your payment reaches the correct account.
What happens if the payment does not show up on my next account or I receive a reminder letter?
If your payment doesn't show up on your next account or you receive a reminder letter, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 479 7979.
How can I prove that I made a payment if it doesn't show up on my next account?
When you successfully make a payment a printable receipt is shown on screen. A message is also sent to the email address you supplied, confirming that your payment was received. Either of these documents shows the details of your payment.